Barbara Stoner

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barbara rose stoner.
sober for a while.
been through hell.
loves a lot of things.
hates a lot of things.
like a mom to my friends.
i wasborn in pittsburgh.
moved to manchester.
now i live in illinois.
you are my sweetest down fall.
i miss you.
i hate you.
i love you.
but im a ball of fire.
make up.
pin up girls.
big big big purses.
sweet addiction.
tried a lot of shit,
white t shirts and jeans.
of all kinds.
country girl.
city girl.
hip hop.
I'm Barbara Rose Stoner.
I'm short...4'11".
I love my friends.
I love music.
My best friend is Dakota Mary-Cassidy Rockwell and Dillon James Keating.
They know eveything about me.
I'm sober now, thank to my brother who saved my life.
I love movies; scary, funny, romantic, ANY.
I have trust issues with a lot of thing.
I'm always insecure, but never jealous.
I don't have a problem with you, until you give me a reason to.
I've been hurt, badly.
I've been through hell.
I love rings.
Reading Kota's notebook made me want to do this, because this is a good idea. :3
I love making smiley faces.
I hate you.
I love you.
You make me cry.
You make me smile.
You make me sad.
You make me happy.
I love cuddling.
I hate when people see me and assume I'm girly.
I used to cut.
I used to smoke bud and a lot more than people think I did.
I used to drink my life away.
I'm sober now, because of my brother who died from heroin.
You don't know me. Don't judge me.
I never sugar coat things.
If I have something to say, I'll say it.
Sometimes that gets me into trouble, but it's the truth.
If you don't like that, get away from me.
I hate spiders.
I'm so afraid of them, I can't breathe sometimes.
I love regge music.
I love rap.
I love country.
I love dubstep.
I love R&B.
I love punk.
I love alternative.
I love dance.
I love freestyle.
I love hard rock.
I love hip hop.
I love pop.
I love metal.
I love music and singing.
I'm very impacient.
I can't spell.
I hate, hate, hate the noise of chewing.
Or noises made by the mouth.
It's G R O S S .
I love cats.
I get headaches a lot.
pretty much me. dont like it?
kiss my ass.


it does not matter how slow you go as long as you’re not in front of me

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